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Follow these guidelines, if you are New for Norton Setup. Still confuse! Get started to set up Norton Setup product Key at with us.

Finding Norton setup product key to install

If you purchased a boxed Norton product CD at a local retail store or online then, your Norton setup product key is inside the box either on a sticker on the back of the DVD case or CD sleeve or printed on a card in the box.

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Below is a comprehensive guide, if you are New for Norton Setup. It helps you to set up Norton product key, download Norton product, and install Norton antivirus protection on your PC or Mac from

Norton Security Product Setup

It will include details on how to download and install Norton Security product on one device and on multiple devices. Without further ado, here is how to get started Norton setup with your package subscription.

1. Uninstall existing security software

In order to successfully install Norton Security on your device, you need to get rid of any existing security software. It could be older Norton versions or packages from other software security companies. The process of uninstalling varies from one operating system to another. Here is a guideline that should help you uninstall the packages when working with either Windows or Mac OS X systems.

Uninstalling on Windows OS

  • STEP 1- START Click the start button to launch the start menu. The button is on the bottom extreme left corner of the screen for all versions of windows OS.

  • STEP 2- Control Panel On the launched start menu, find the Control Panel option and select it. This will open the control panel box with varying options depending on the version of windows. Below are the specific options you have to look out for.

  • STEP 3- Windows OS version-based uninstall process If you are working with Windows 7, 8, 10 versions, look for the Programs option. Click on it and then on the Uninstall Program option that comes in the subsequently launched dialogue box. Finally, find the old Norton security package or any other protection software and select it for permanent removal.

    The Windows Vista version differs slightly in that it takes you straight to the Uninstall a Program option on the Control Panel home page. Simply click on it, find the old software and uninstall it.

    Finally, with Windows XP, you will look out for the Add or Remove a Program option on the control panel home page. Once this is done, follow the same procedure of selecting and deleting the existing software.

  • STEP 4- Restart the device In order to permanently save your changes, you need to restart your device. By the time it has fully rebooted the old software will have been completely erased.

Uninstalling on Mac OS

With the Mac OS system, you have 3 main options for uninstalling existent software.

  • OPTION 1- Using the Launchpad In this case, all you have to do is long press on the security software icon on the desktop. Do this until the other icons start to jiggle. By this time an x should have appeared. Click on it and the system will automatically uninstall the software for you.

  • OPTION 2- Using the App Uninstaller This option is best used if the first one fails. The app uninstaller allows you to select the software you need deleted and confirm that you want it permanently removed. This is a longer process but every bit as effective.

  • OPTION 3- Direct transfer into recycle bin Finally, you could also uninstall the software by dragging its icon directly into the recycle bin. It is best to empty the recycle bin immediately after in order to ensure that it is completely gone.

2. Download Norton Security product setup and install on your device

Once you uninstall the old security system and restart the device, you can proceed to download Norton Security product setup you want. Below is a step by step guideline on how to do this.

  • STEP 1- Sign in or Set up a Norton Account. Click Enter A Product Key at the URL to launch the Norton Setup Account page. Enter your email address and choose a password before you continue. If you already have an account, simply log in using your sign-up details.

  • STEP 2- Choose Your Norton Product. After entering your product key, you will be required to select your product to download Norton Security Setup .exe file. Then click on Agree and Download.

  • STEP 3- Run the Norton setup downloader program When the software is downloaded, a Norton icon will be launched on your screen.

  • STEP 4- Double-click Norton setup icon and click Run. Follow all the online instructions. By the end the Norton Security software should be fully installed and activated.

3. Installing package in additional devices

The premium and delux Norton Security packages offer you the opportunity to download and install the software onto more than one device.

  • STEP 1- Uninstall existing security software For this step, simply follow the same process described above on how to uninstall existing security packages.

  • STEP 2- Launch Norton Security Management Console Use the link to launch this manager program. The home page contains a button that prompts you to select other devices to add to the console under your account.

  • STEP 3- Sending to additional devices Clicking on this prompt button offers you 2 options.

    1. The first is to send a link to the device or devices you want added. This is done via email. The link should be clicked on and the instructions for setup followed until you download, install and activate Norton Security on the other device/s.

    2. Your other option is using a unique product key. You can get this either from the Service tab or the Devices tab. Copy the unique key and close the console. You can use this key to download Norton protection product on other devices without a link and without having to pay again.

    Note: The Norton Account manager keeps tabs on how many times the product key is used. It will therefore not allow downloading past the number of devices that can be protected by the particular package.

  • STEP 4- Install and Activate package Once downloaded, follow the downloader program instructions to install and activate Norton software. Repeat this process until all the devices you need and can get protected have Active Norton Security packages.

About Norton Security Products By Symantec

Investing in computer security packages is something you cannot afford to compromise on. It doesn't matter whether it is for your work computers with sensitive corporate information or your home PC with sentimental memory stores. Symantec is one of the leading companies when it comes to design of protection packages.

Their latest release is Norton Security package that is compatible with MS Windows Mac OS X, IOS and Android. It is available in 3 forms;

  • - Norton Security Standard (protects one device)
  • - Norton Security Deluxe (protects up to 5 devices)
  • - Norton Security Premium (protects up to 10 devices)

About helps to follow these simple steps of Norton Setup. You can download, install and manage Norton product setup anytime and anywhere on your PC or Mac. The most important part is to ensure that you understand your device and its operating system. This will help you make a decision on the right path to take where there are multiple optional steps in the process.